Friday, January 7, 2011

Been awhile

Well I tried to make a new blog but I'm too lazy and too impatient to design and maintain a new one, so I'm back, and gonna remodel. Well, by the time you see this it will have undergone remodeling. Exciting.
Well so much has seriously changed since last time I wrote here. I have a new boyfriend. Well, I've been very close to him since April but just this fall we made it "official" I guess. Our relationship just kinda began without either of us really being able to define the point when it started. So I'm happy with that, I waited on this dude for a while and finally am happy to say it worked out for the both of us. I just convinced him to make a blog so now I'm fixing my own blog, forgetting all about it for a few months as people with even marginally busy lives tend to do.
Well anyway, I've just noticed I start pretty much every paragraph with "Well.." but I'm not about to go back and change it. Sorry if that bothers you. So, I ended last semester with flying colors. Yeah, flying colors. This was the first year of college I've had that I made a grade lower than a B. And I made a C+ and a D. Can't believe that shit. This semester, I'm hoping things are better. I will be taking classes in-class again, instead of online, so that may make a difference. No more online classes for me thanks, unless I absolutely have to take one. I can't keep up with them.
I also got a new job at Ruby Tuesdays. It kinda sucks, but the people are nice and I've made friends with some of them already. I hope I won't have to stay there for long. I'm thinking 6 months at the least. Then hopefully I will have found something that pays significantly better. But we know how that goes..rabble rabble blah blah blah.
So winter has kinda got me down, but I'm trying to fight it. I mean it's only January and we got at least three more months of cold, but usually by mid-February I have spiraled into madness looking forward to that and I am sure my boyfriend and other people who are constantly around me are gonna be so so happy to be in my presence. Don't worry though, it goes away by the time my birthday rolls around (March 29). That's when the world begins to feel warm and lovely again. And when the sun stays up longer and longer, my mood lightens. I have no clue how people live in Alaska or Iceland or Norway. Fuck that.
I don't think I've written since the end of the summer. The summer was PRETTY lame...didn't do anything with music or creativity WHATSOEVER. I mean, summer is a time to relax and go to the beach and tan, I did plenty of that, but I could have used my time more wisely. I was glad that I came back from Wilmington. Shit was lame and I left some pretty important untied ends back in Greensboro that I couldn't abandon. Life leads you on a pretty insane ride sometimes. Well since I've been back it's been nice and pretty stress free living with N dawg, and his dog, who has become my dog, but I think it's only cause I crave furry in my life, and when I'm around a furry I adopt it as my own furry. And we've established that I'm her "step-mom" which is weird, but pretty hilarious. My friend moved back to Maryland so life has been pretty gray without her to hang with and talk to. A lot of people I used to hang with on the reg have skipped town. Now I'm meeting a whole new group of people, the Rubys people. I like them all, but it takes a little bit to get to know people. Not that I'm cautious, it's just I have a need to surround myself with exceptional, and slightly strange, people.
Well hopefully I won't forget to keep up with this again. I'm not even sure why I keep a blog...but maybe it's for my own piece of mind. I feel like no one listens half the time to me, so I should probably just listen to myself.